to the hop cultivation enterprise with traditions

Hop court Regner

We are a family enterprise producing hops
successfully since 1990 in a cultivation area
between Elbe and Saale in Sachsen-Anhalt,

Hop cultivation started in 1956 with the sort
Saazer. Since 1967 the area was new planted
with the sort Northern Brewer. In 1992 we
changed to the Hallertauer sort.

Our whole cultivation area amounts to
134 ha. The annual harvest quantity
amounts to 5000-5500 hundredweights.

We only produce qualitied sorts. 80% of the
surface are used for bitter sorts like:

Hallertauer Magnum, Polaris, Herkules and Northern Brewer

The other 20% were planted with aroma hop of the sort Perle und Cascade.